The proof in the pudding is in the eating. Read how fire walkers have enjoyed the experience.

Neil, Sarah and Alex are masters of personal change. The whole firewalk evening is an awesome experience from start to finish. Whether you are attending to actually do the firewalk or to learn, you will go away with a much clearer insight as to who you really are! 
Julie French

Brilliant experience with a great group of people. Enjoyed every minute! Thank you.
Greg Taylor

At first I didn’t think I could do the firewalk and I did not want to do it. Throughout the course of the evening, everyone taking part had their energy levels raised and I then felt confident (with the support of the group) to give it a go! I WALKED ON BURNING EMBERS! How amazing is that! Thanks guys!
Richelle Taylor

I was sceptical that it could be done to begin with but by the end of the night you come out truly transformed, a new person. I thoroughly enjoyed it. An experience that will last a lifetime. Really uplifting, loveliest bunch of people I’ve ever met!
Graham Williams

Neil and Sarah create an evening of pure magic! I had such a memorable time, I have learnt so much and know I will continue to grow from what I have taken away. Absolutely priceless!
Alex – Shropshire

Thank you for another magical experience. You all provide an encouraging, supportive environment to embrace the  magic of firewalking…and so much more!! An atmosphere full of great stories, analogies and an abundance of energy. You and I know that the more FireSprit grows and the success of SunFire Limited spreads amongst the world, you’ll be helping people to know and believe “I can!”
Nicola Masters

A powerful learning experience, will make you believe that the impossible is possible.
Zoe Edgerton

The evening that I spent with Neil and Sarah was an experience of enlightenment and confidence building. It is something that doesn’t just last for the evening but carries on and impacts positively upon your life ongoing.  
Wendy Williams

What an amazing team the Hewitt Family are. Warm, friendly, congruent and very real. Neil Sarah and Alex create fabulous experiences in their training events. The whole atmosphere that is created makes it very easy for people to open their hearts and minds and learn more about who they are at their most magnificent. I wholeheartedly recommend anyone who is keen to step up in any area of their life to book onto a SunFire event as part of their journey.
Tony Burgess