Fire fascinates us. It is light and heat. It comforts and threatens us, destroys yet transforms.

Fire has been at the centre of ceremonies, rituals, initiations and celebrations for millennia, in every tribe, every civilisation.

It’s no surprise that the Olympic symbol of striving, of continuity, of excellence is a flame, never extinguished.

FireSpirit understands the power of fire. It uses firewalking to transform people’s belief in their own abilities. Firewalking does something profound to the human psyche. It changes things. We are all capable of greatness, wherever we would like to apply that in life. But most of the time we are not aware of our potential. Firewalking unlocks that potential.

The idea of a firewalk certainly gets people’s attention. It moves everyone out of their comfort zone to a place where remarkable things happen. Through firewalking, people become empowered, inspired, bond as a team and understand the power of being fully in the present. Miraculous results stem from using fears and limitations to fuel focussed intent and action.

Firewalking, while an ancient practice, has been developed in the last thirty years as a way for people to connect on the deepest level with the power of their own potential. After pioneering work by Sundoor and others in the US, it is now established in the UK as a powerful tool for trained
instructors to use in challenging and stretching people.

In a business setting, for charity fundraising or for groups or individuals, it is proving to be an activity which really does take us somewhere new.

The initial reaction from most people is fear, trepidation, disbelief that it can work or a view that it is a quick route to casualty. In some ways this is what makes firewalking exciting; the journey from there to joy, elation, belief, empowerment. Thousands of people can now testify to the power of firewalking, and their number is growing every week.

Come and join us.