Fire Walking FAQ's

With firewalking, there are a number of frequently asked questions.

Here we try to reassure you…

Will I get injured?

The phrase "don't try this at home" could have been coined about firewalking. 
It is only in a controlled situation, with the guidance of professionals such as the FireSpirit team, that you will have a safe and enjoyable experience. With the right tuition and preparation, firewalking is safe. The reasons for this are complex and the theories as to why injury to the feet is avoided and many and varied. Forget the theories, we will ensure that the only effect on you of firewalking is positive.

Can I get burned?

Of course. You are stepping on embers or coals which can reach temperatures of 1200oFahrenheit. However, conducted correctly, a firewalk should result in no injury at all or at worse some small blisters. FireSpirit takes its health and safety responsibilities very seriously and our number one priority is that no-one gets hurt. See our testimonials for further reassurance.

Will I be coerced into firewalking?

Absolutely not. At any firewalking event, whether in a corporate group, for charity or as a social event, no-one is forced to participate. The whole essence of successful firewalking is you taking the decision, feeling empowered to do it. If you're not comfortable and ready to do it, don't do it. No-one will criticise you. In fact more power can be experienced by deciding not to walk than actually walking.

What happens during a firewalking workshop?

In an entertaining, interactive and informative couple of hours you will be carefully prepared to walk safely across a bed of red hot coals. A lot of time is spent exploring the power of human potential, from a scientific and psychological perspective. Various exercises bring you face-to-face with your fears and you learn how to overcome them in order to achieve your goals and fulfil your desires. Finally, the most amazing experience is presented to you: walking on fire…

Who can do this?

Anyone who can walk and is capable of understanding an informative presentation can walk on fire. Children from 12 years and older are allowed to participate, although parental permission is required.

Who would want to do this?

There are as many reasons to walk on fire as there are people doing it. You need to be prepared to explore your own potential and be willing to look at your life in a new way. You need to be able to face your own fears and your limiting beliefs. You then need to be able to learn how to use these fears to take yourself into one of the most powerful experiences you will ever encounter. That experience is firewalking.


Although we have provided you with reassurance, FireSpirit does still need to state that firewalking does carry an inherent risk. Nothing on this website is intended as an encouragement to participate in any firewalking activity without the direct supervision of a certified firewalking instructor.

No-one should attempt any activity described on this site without proper training and supervision. Should you choose to undertake activities of this nature without those precautions you do so entirely at your own risk.