FireSpirit specialises in providing firewalking events for Businesses, Charities, Groups and Individuals.

In addition to firewalking, FireSpirit offers a whole range of inspirational activities, designed to demonstrate in a compelling way how people can overcome obstacles to achieve their goals:

Arrow breaking

Break through limiting beliefs and emotions by breaking a wooden arrow, the sharp point of which is resting on your throat. All your pre-conditioning tells you to back away from the arrow; the arrow breaking exercise involves pushing against the arrow until it breaks.

Steel rebar bending

Imagine bending with ease a 2 metre long, 10mm diameter bar of steel used for reinforcing concrete. This is an excellent exercise in group cooperation. The rebar bend teaches commitment and the power of team-work.


Walk on razor sharp shards of broken glass, bare foot and truly break down your inner barriers to your success. Some find this experience more challenging than walking on fire – learn how to be fully present, take delicate steps and encounter true mastery.

These learning opportunities can feature as exercises within larger events or can be run separately as 2-3 hour workshops in their own right, tailored to your group's needs. Please contact FireSpirit to discuss your group's requirements.

FireSpirit is based in Warwickshire and is owned by Neil and Sarah Hewitt.
Neil Hewitt is a qualified Firewalking Instructor, trained by Peggy Dylan at the Sundoor International Firewalking School, based in California. Peggy is widely regarded as the originator of the contemporary firewalking movement. Both Neil and his wife Sarah are Master Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Consultants specialising in:

Executive and Breakthrough Coaching 

Change Management Consultancy and Training

Time Line Therapy 

Eriksonian Hypnosis

Please contact FireSpirit to discuss firewalking or any other of our activities.